My name is Lin Thompson and I am an Operational Manager working within the Public Sector. My team works with families that fall under the current Government Troubled families agenda.

In January 2013 the council purchased a series of training from IntraQuest to support and enhance our working with this difficult to engage group.

The training covered such topics as Enhanced Therapeutic Practice, Self-harm, adolescent behaviour and reflective practice through group supervision. The enhanced therapeutic practice helped the team to understand the issues involved with poor attachment and the various impact brain development has on child behaviour. Although the material was challenging, it was presented in such a way that it made it easy to grasp and understand.

To help us all develop a more reflective practice, IntraQuest taught the use of ‘sand tray’ work which has given us the ability to look deeper into our case work and create better outcomes for our families. IntraQuest have provided so many more tools that we now use in our interventions with families, such as button sculpting, feelings jar and learning style assessments.

This training has made all of us feel so much more confident in a very difficult work setting. It has increased our own self-awareness and knowledge around how to improve our engagement with our particular client group.

In my view, this has simply been the best training I have ever received, including my years at University. The real life stories presented by Karen, giving an honest telling of her own history brought so much of the material to life. I thoroughly recommend this companies training to you and know that you will see the dramatic improvements to your practice that we have and continue to see.