I generally go on courses because I think it will interest me and enhance my practice. The stuff you were offering definitely fitted into this category – so much so that I gave up two days of the school holidays to attend – and I was not disappointed. You are all fabulous.

The information you have shared with me will undoubtedly make me a better practitioner for a range of reasons. The biggest of these is the opportunity you have given me to reflect on the ‘things’ which I bring to the table and the impact that these have on the relationship I am trying to build. I reckon that I knew this already but something about the way that you explained made it resonate with me in a different way than it has in the past and I can’t thank you enough for that.

I always know that something has struck a chord with me when I leave wanting to know more and this is definitely the case for the subjects which you have shared in your training – I had to stop myself from getting a Myers-Briggs book from the library at Uni this week as I have an assignment to write and I know that I will become engrossed!! I am determined to read more.

I sincerely hope that I have the opportunity to attend some further training with you and wish you the very best of luck in building on the fantastic work that you are already undertaking.