Would your school benefit from a more therapeutic approach? Do you have pupils that display challenging behaviours, are struggling with traumatic life events or have had a difficult start in life? If so, we’d love to help!

So much is expected of our school system. As integral parts of our communities, schools work hard to educate and develop not just pupils but their wider support systems. IntraQuest offer a wide variety of solutions to support school staff in creating the best possible environment for pupils, staff and families.

IntraQuest aims to enhance the education experience for your school, making life easier for challenged staff, improving community behaviours and most of all caring for and protecting your children.


IntraQuest offer:

  • Therapeutic Training for school staff
  • On-site child therapists that can offer:
    • One-on-one Therapy with one or more children;
    • Running therapeutic play groups;
    • Supporting the staff with therapeutic techniques;
    • Embedding a therapeutic approach throughout the school.
  • Staff Supervision
  • Leader and Peer Supervision training
  • Therapeutic Play Skills training
  • Relationship-based Approach training
  • Restorative Practice Training
  • Training in self-awareness and therapeutic approaches for parents and carers


If your staff want or need to work more at a behavioural level in a way that compliments and never compromises education, IntraQuest can tailor a package of support for your school’s needs.

Our solutions are proven to:

  • Improve problematic behaviours both in school and at home
  • Increase educational performance
  • Improve staff and pupil well-being
  • Positively impact the school community
  • Positively impact child early experiences
  • Tackle and improve early attachment disorders and repair insecure attachments
  • Support the ever-changing landscape of childhood education services


We will also work collaboratively with other services supporting your school to ensure that a cohesive and consistent approach is taken to tackling the challenges your school faces.

To find out how we can help you or to book a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our main office on 07831 204043 and ask for Jenny Westwood. We look forward to hearing from you!