My role is to support the business side of IntraQuest, from accounts to procurement, as well as supporting the directors and therapists. I am also training as a counsellor with a view to expanding my role in the organisation in the future.

I have worked in the administrative and financial field for most of my life. After spending some time out with my young child, and going through my own journey of personal growth, I have become passionate about self-development and mental health awareness – I’ve even written a book on it!

During my struggle with depression I reflected a great deal on aspects of my life that may have caused certain things.  In turn I gained an awareness of how outside influences, be it cultures, family members or peers, can affect a person’s self-worth and esteem.

I love my work in administration and finance, and my organized and methodical approach to things helps me to fulfil my role.  Watching the IntraQuest team at work is a privilege as they help individuals change their outlook and approach to themselves and others.  This fuels my passion and assists me in my studies with a view to join the Therapeutic team in the future.