I am a personal development specialist, trainer and coach. I am an avid believer in the power of self-awareness and understanding. It’s impossible to know what we are trying to achieve without first having a clear sense of where we are now, and this is something that I have spent many years working through with individuals, leaders and organisations. I have worked in corporate learning and development teams for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of supporting some massive organisations through some big times of change.

The theory and psychology of learning fascinates me, and it has been a real challenge watching learners evolve with time, technology and the generations. We take for granted just how much we as a species are able to deal with in order to ‘adapt and survive’, and often it is our own limiting beliefs that hold us back. Having been responsible for the development of literally thousands of people in my career, I bring the elements of learning in the workplace, cultural change and leadership development to IntraQuest. I am a practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator at Step 2, as well as a student of many other theories, such as Neuro-linguistic Programming and Strength Deployment Inventory, so I bring a well-rounded view of applicable learning theories.

Like Karen and Jenny, I too am passionate about seeing individuals, teams and organisations reach their full potential. My approach to both consultancy and training is to coach and facilitate a change in you. Only through experiential learning will you see the benefit and value to making the changes you need to make, and it is my role to ensure that our learners have the best and most profound experience possible.

About me personally, I love travel, food, socialising with friends and family and learning! As well as being one of IntraQuest’s Directors, I also run a charitable foundation in my hometown and am studying to become a person-centred counsellor.