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Introduction To CBT  

Hot Cross Buns & Thinking In Triangles

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Discover the power of this CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic approach and how it can enhance your work with clients, staff or students. 

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The Key Components of CBT

In this training we will look at what is CBT and how can it actually benefit you and your practice.

Simple Formulations

In this training we will look at the simple formulation you can use to help you work with your clients in a deeper way. A key component of CBT is identifying and isolating the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours,

How to dive deeper into CBT

Learn how you can dive deep into the world of CBT and apply this approach to your workplace. 

Meet Your Trainers...

Meet Karen Keates, Co-founder of IntraQuest

Karen Keates is a true leader in the world of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, a seasoned Life Coach, and an astute Director of Learning & Development. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Karen stands at the forefront of transformational therapy. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential has made her a respected figure in the field.

Neil Lewis, Your Guide to Transformation

Neil Lewis is not just a coach; he's a Level 7 Coach, specialising in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at Step II. He also has extensive knowledge in Training and Human Resource Management from the prestigious CIPD. Neil is the compass that guides you through the intricate journey of self-discovery and personal growth.