The Smart Way to Make changes to your Life!
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Coming up… SmartSelf™ at LGBT Manchester!

This version of SmartSelf™ is specifically designed for gay men who wish to understand more about their motivation and lifestyle choices in order to make healthier decisions in life. It’s NOT a diet or exercise regime, but an opportunity to understand YOURSELF more in order to make decisions and changes that work for YOU. The course will focus on personal exploration of self with a view to increasing self-awareness. Course content includes:

  • Personality – your unique approach to life;
  • Strengths – identifying what you are good at;
  • Values – identifying what is important to you;
  • Motivational Direction – identifying how you are motivated;
  • Motivational Decision Making – Understanding the right changes to make for yourself.

If you are a gay man struggling to make changes to your health or well-being, come along to learn more about yourself and how best YOU can make changes!

The Smart way to make changes to your life!

In the age of technology, what’s the one device you can’t live without? What keeps you connected to others? What entertains you? What helps you find information?

Your Smartphone? Smart TV? Tablet? Watch?

Or is it…you?

Introducing SmartSelf™, IntraQuest’s programme designed to help you get the best out of your most useful device – yourself!

The SmartSelf™ learning programme takes a ‘Smart’ view at human performance and behaviour. If our bodies are our Smart Device, our brains are the Operating System and all the things we can do are our ‘Apps’, wouldn’t it be great to make sure we’ve got all the right ‘Apps’ installed and that we’re using them correctly? That’s what SmartSelf™ is all about – helping you to understand your most valuable device – yourself – to get the absolute best out of it in terms of performance and behaviour. Exploring the many ‘Apps’ already installed, learners will leave this 3-day self-development programme understanding the following elements:

Day 1 – Understanding My SmartSelf – Self Awareness & Self Compassion

  • Their own ‘operating system’ and the core apps that come with it.

Day 2 – How My SmartSelf Feels – Emotions, what they are and how they affect me

  • Other ‘Apps’ that they as individuals may have and how they affect performance.

Day 3 – How My SmartSelf Works – my behaviour and significant relationships

  • How the ‘SmartSelf’ works with other devices, ‘Apps’ and ‘SmartSelves’ to get the best results.


SmartSelf™ is about understanding our most useful device – ourselves – in order to get the best out of it! Self-awareness is key to self-validation, self-compassion and self-acceptance. Only when we understand what is happening in our minds can we begin to make changes to our behaviour.

Learning SmartSelf™ can have multiple benefits on your life. Applying it can help with many personal struggles and changes, including:

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Negative thinking and low mood
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Increased empathy with self and others
  • Overcoming fears, obstacles and barriers
  • Personal goals
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Job satisfaction and career development
  • Self Confidence
  • Challenges with sustainable behaviour change

Course Aims

The aim of the SmartSelf™ programme is for all attendees to become more self-aware, with a greater understanding of their own unique approach to life and how best to make positive, sustainable changes. Understanding our own mindset and attitude is the first step towards understanding our behaviour.

Course Objectives

Attendees will leave SmartSelf™ with:

  • A greater understanding of their own personality and the way they approach life;
  • A greater understanding of their own strengths and development areas;
  • A greater understanding of their own thoughts and thought processes;
  • An increase in empathy and self-compassion;
  • A greater understanding of their own emotions and how those emotions affect their behaviour;
  • A greater understanding of their own motivation;
  • A greater understanding of how these elements drive behaviour;
  • Strategies to change behaviour positively and sustainably.


How does it work?

SmartSelf™ combines cutting edge theory with useful tools, techniques and strategies to understand self in order to make positive behavioural changes.


Who is it for?

SmartSelf™ is for anyone! These are life skills, that are beneficial for anyone who needs or wants to make positive changes to their lives and the lives of those around them. It will help leaders, parents, partners, friends, carers, and any professional role or career development.

Course attendance is £99 per day, and includes all learning resources and materials, plus refreshments.