A skills-based course for professionals who wish to work therapeutically with primary-age children
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Do you work with children that struggle to manage their emotions and behaviour? Are you tired of the disruption that this can cause to your working life? Do you want to help children become more emotionally balanced?

Then why not join us on our ‘Play Based Therapeutic Group Work’ Training

This course will help you to run therapeutic small groups aimed at helping children become…

  • More emotionally attuned
  • More emotionally regulated
  • More emotionally literate
  • More confident
  • More able to solve their own problems
  • More self-aware

All through the power of play!

What is it? 

  • A two day training programme followed by an assessment process that teaches you to run small therapeutic groups with children.
  • Run by two accredited Play Therapists

Who is it for? 

  • Professionals that work with children aged 3 – 12 years of ages
  • Ideally at least two professionals from each setting will attend
  • The group work is particularly suitable for children that struggle with their confidence, that have witnessed domestic violence, that have been abused and are now in care, that have attention difficulties, English as an additional language, or struggle to manage their behaviour/emotions. A minimum of two staff members are to run a group at anyone time, with a maximum of 6 children. You can also use the same skills to run one to one sessions, or have one member of staff to a maximum of 3 children.

What topics does the training programme cover? 

  • Understanding the power of relationships (Attachment theory—adults & children, self-concept development, trauma, neuroscience)
  • Understanding the power of play (Developmental stages, symbolism, theme exploration, Therapeutic Play Skills practice)
  • How to set up & run the group practically

How does the Assessment Process Work? 

  • You will run a 6 week programme with a small group of children and video each session
  • You will submit your strengths and struggles from one of the sessions and provide examples of the core skills taught. You will also provide a sample of redacted paperwork and a reflective assignment
  • The trainers will support you throughout this process via phone, email, private social media groups and face to face.
  • Once the trainers have reviewed all the submitted material, and are happy with your reflections, you will be awarded your certificate

How much is it? 

  • Training £300 per person plus £200 assessment (up to 5 hours per delegate is allocated for therapeutic support and analysis of submitted material) = £500 per person. Maximum of 16 people per course. *Your course resource folder and comprehensive session notes are included* – worth over £50!!!

How do I book on?

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If you require any further information please contact Jenny Westwood