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At IntraQuest, we know how important it is to have the right leaders with the right capability to drive a winning organisation. We also champion how important self-awareness is when improving performance. We will work with you and your leaders to understand exactly what the challenges are and create a bespoke solution to help you succeed.

One of our most popular offerings is using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others. Myers Briggs is a tried and tested theory that has been used for years now, and is just as valid today as its first inception in the early 20th Century. The tool will help individuals and teams to understand more about their own personality and unique approach to their work and life. Our fully qualified and experienced practitioners can help you use this great tool for many needs, including:

• Improving team relationships
• Valuing Diversity
• Influencing and Stakeholder Leadership
• Playing to strengths
• Improving communication
• Problem Solving Strategies
• Developing Your leadership style
• Managing change

Our range of services using MBTI start from short one-on-one self assessment sessions, up to 2 day team development workshops, so that we can tailor the right solution for your needs. We can even arrange a course of coaching sessions where we will explore your personality type in more depth and help embed your learning for a sustainable change.

If you would like to know more about how IntraQuest can help develop your leadership capability, please email or get in touch with Neil directly at – our initial consultation is free, with no obligation. We look forward to hearing from you!