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IntraQuest has developed a unique, 1-Day team development workshop called ‘Pie & MASH’. This engaging, interactive workshop aims to create a stronger, more cohesive working relationship for the Members of your MASH, to ensure that success is maximised within this new collaborative approach.

Many Public Sector organisations are improving their approach to safeguarding by moving to a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub. Whilst this is a great process for ensuring that service users are managed effectively, its success is based largely on how well the members of the MASH interact and work together.

If your Leadership Team are about to form a MASH, you may want to help them to build relationships, communicate effectively, value the diversity within the team and find a way for all members to play to their strengths. ‘Pie & MASH’ will do just that.

You’ll find the course outline below, and if you would like to enquire more about ‘Pie & MASH’ and how it could help you ensure success with this new approach, please email and one of the team will be happy to get back to you. Our initial consultation is free, with no obligation. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pie & MASH – Workshop Aim

The main aim of this workshop is to help members of a MASH work better together. In order to avoid individuals working in isolation within a MASH, this workshop will help individuals become more aware of their own values, drivers and behaviours, as well as the values, drivers and behaviours of the other members of the MASH.

Delegates will explore commonalities and differences in their working practises, and eventually find a way to collaborate using each other’s personal strengths to ensure that MASH meetings and activity are run as effectively as possible, with the service user at the forefront.

Pie & MASH – Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrated the differences between individual working, working together and true collaboration;
  • A clear understanding of the importance of self-awareness prior to collaboration;
  • A clear understanding of personality and type;
  • A deeper understanding of their own core values and the values of others in their team;
  • Achieved a higher state of self-awareness by understanding their own personal values and key facets of their personality;
  • Achieved, as a team, a smarter way of working by playing to individual and team strengths, sharing values and maximising diversity.
Duration 1 Day
No. Of Delegates 12 – 20
Location Flexible