Flexible, Accessible, Effective Learning
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Investing in your people and their capability is a sure way to increase results and engage a workforce.

IntraQuest know how challenging it can be to do this – customers and clients want or need more and more, budgets are tightening, workloads are increasing. It’s hard to find the time, energy or budget to support continuous Face-to-Face training that assumes all learners have the same level of knowledge and skill.

In looking to solve this challenge, IntraQuest have developed a suite of ‘Learning Bites’ – 90 minute Face-to-Face sessions with pre and post-course activities to ensure maximum engagement and learning embedment whilst on the job. A wide variety of sessions means that individuals can attend relevant sessions that will make the difference to their own personal development journey.


Why choose IntraQuest?

With almost 100 years combined experience spanning the public and private sectors in a variety of roles, IntraQuest are fully capable of making all of these transferable skills relevant to many audiences. We feel that this is the key to bringing the learning to life and having the greatest impact on our delegates – YOUR people.


Here are some of our available topics, with the 90-minute Learning Bites listed below:


Personal Development Skills

  • Time Management
  • Positive Change
  • A New Approach to Work
  • Written Communication
  • Influencing Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Engaging Hard-to-Reach Clients

  • Inspiration - The Power of Engagement
  • Attachment Theory & Self-Concept
  • Personal Values & Experiences
  • Empathy & Validation
  • Communication & Connection
  • Building Rapport
  • Motivation & Habitual Behaviour
  • Challenging Without Invalidating
  • Understanding Personality

  • Understanding Personality 'Lite'
  • Personality & Stress
  • Personality & Problem Solving
  • Personality & Teams
  • Dynamic Assessment Skills

  • Learning Styles
  • Life Skills - Emotional Regulation
  • Life Skills - Problem Solving
  • Life Skills - Emotional Literacy
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Skills

  • Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Psycho-education & Formulation
  • Cognitive Intervention - Thinking Errors
  • Cognitive Intervention - Affect Management
  • Cognitive Intervention - Behaviour
  • Longitudinal Formulation
    Cost of course (scaled)
    Each course is based on a maximum of 15 participants attending
    • Cost per Bite for Delivery:
      £1,125 + VAT
    • Cost per day, including up to 4 Bites of your choice:
      £2,250 + VAT per day
    All training delivery includes certificates, course materials and learning resources.
    * This course if offered on an in-house basis and all required refreshments for participants should be provided by the commissioning organisation. All training can be delivered ‘in-house’ or at our dedicated training centre in Oldham. Choosing our training centre includes refreshments throughout the day and plenty of free parking. All delivery includes learning resources and materials. Expenses are negotiable.
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