Restorative Practise for parents, carers and families
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At IntraQuest, our heart lies with those on the frontline that are absolutely committed to make a difference in people’s lives, and the people themselves – the families, children, young people, adults and service users that need help and support improving their quality of life. With this in mind, we have created a whole suite of development options built around our ‘Family Mechanics’ brand.

Family Mechanics is all about helping people to understand themselves and the people around them more comprehensively, so that they can take personal responsibility for making positive changes to their lives. It’s about taking a ‘Restorative Practise’ approach to increase independence and reduce demand on frontline services. The programme follows the story of a family of Aliens who have come to Earth to better understand human behaviour. Viewing life through the eyes of the Aliens provides a safe and fun environment for people to explore their own behaviour and approach. The programme centres around 3 key components:

  1. Understanding Myself – spending time getting a deeper awareness of what drives you and your approach to life in general;
  2. Understanding Emotions – helping people to become more emotionally aware and literate, and how to manage those emotions in a healthy way;
  3. Understanding Relationships – exploring the dynamics, both positive and negative, in all significant relationships and getting the best out of those connections.

The programme serves several functions:

  • It encourages self-awareness, self-validation and self-compassion in individuals;
  • It highlights the importance of personal growth and development in living a happier, more fulfilled life;
  • It serves as a great ‘bridge to Parenting Course’ programme, preparing individuals to learn and develop more specific skills.

IntraQuest have delivered the various versions of this programme since 2014, and have seen dramatic results in the process. Families have seen marked improvements in behaviours and relationships, schools have seen better attendance rates and behaviour from pupils, and frontline services have seen improved outcomes and more responsibility taken by service users to take control of themselves and their families.

The different products available in the Family Mechanics range are as follows:


Family Mechanics for Parents

This 6-week programme is delivered by IntraQuest staff directly to parents. It includes a life assessment both pre and post-course to measure shifts in self-awareness and behaviour, alongside weekly 2-hour training sessions where parents will get the chance to explore the three key components and apply their learning to their lives. This programme is aimed at parents that are struggling to cope with the demands of family life, have complicated relationships with partners or children and require help and support. They may be parents that have been recommended for Parenting Courses, but require some support to prepare them for that journey. Schools are likely to see improved behaviours from both parents and their children, resulting in less demand on their services, and improved outcomes for both the families and the school.

Family Mechanics for Practitioners & Professionals

We understand that practitioners and professionals are facing more and more challenges from difficult service users. Whether it be schools struggling to engage with parents of challenging children, or frontline services facing off to families with little self-awareness and challenges with taking responsibility for their own circumstances, Family Mechanics can provide you with a whole range of tools and skills to aid your work with these complex cases. This programme includes a comprehensive training package tailored to your needs (usually between 2-4 days), that revolves around our acclaimed one-to-one resource pack. Training will provide you with skills and techniques to engage successfully with clients, and introduce the resource pack and how to use it. This programme will provide you with over 20 different activities you can use with clients to explore the 3 key components and help them become more aware of themselves and their families. Practitioners are likely to see improvements in behaviour from service users, reduced demand and more personal responsibility, as well as better, more productive relationships with service users.

Family Mechanics One-to-One Resource Pack

This pack is available for anyone that has previously attended either our Family Mechanics training programme, or our Tackling Engagement training programme. The pack holds over 20 different one-to-one activities, plus discussion points, guidance and theory, all around self-awareness for individuals. It allows individuals and practitioners to explore the 3 key components, and complete the pack with a comprehensive understanding of self and your unique approach to life and relationships. Individuals are likely to become more self-aware and make changes to their own behaviour to benefit both themselves and the people around them.
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