Learner-led. Accessible. Inspirational.
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Our award-winning method of engagement and relationship-based practice is now available to access online!

“Engage!” brings all the theory and practical elements of our acclaimed method direct to the learner. The suite comprises 9 key topics on how to connect and influence others, with each topic containing a range of ‘micro-learning’ assets – over 60 in total, including short video tutorials, interactive activities, downloads, YouTube links, articles and research. A user can browse the full curriculum at their leisure, from any web-enabled device, and either complete an asset or save useful assets to their profile for later use or to access when they have a bit more time. It’s accessible, interactive and includes practical tools to use for both learning and in practice.

But that’s not all… our intelligent search engine, ‘Magpie’, is always on hand to ask the learner how they are feeling and what they are struggling with. With the learner’s response, Magpie will make tailored recommendations of learning assets that will help the learner based on their specific need. The learner can complete the asset there and then, or save it for later – whatever works for them.

“Engage!” is an intelligent, interactive, learner-led solution that is available anytime, anywhere. Request a brochure for more information on the curriculum, but check out the launch video above for a quick demo.

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