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Hot Cross Buns & Thinking in Triangles

A CBT approach to understanding problematic behaviour and promoting self-assessment and positive change.


This course is designed for front line staff working with complex client groups and draws from knowledge/skills gained throughout engagement training. Participants will gain further insight into the development and maintenance of persistent, problematic behaviours and, from within a cognitive behavioural framework, learn how to assist clients with self-assessment, self-identified change goals and self-calibrated behaviour modification plans.


Participants will leave this training having achieved the following:


  • Demonstrate clear understanding of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as a model of intervention.
  • Demonstrate ability to draw from own personal experience in order to enhance understanding of the model.
  • Demonstrate ability to apply some of the components of CBT to the understanding of problematic and persistent behaviours.
  • Demonstrate ability to formulate the development and maintenance of problematic behaviours and collaboratively put together change plans with clients (practised with peers).
  • Develop a ‘tool kit’ of ideas and strategies to use with clients of varying age ranges and abilities that promotes understanding and change.

Course Facilitators

Karen Keates BSc (Hons), Dip.

Director, Trainer & Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Neil Lewis  GDip Assoc. CIPD

Director & Trainer


Cost of course (scaled)
Each course is based on 30 participants attending for 2 days
  • £4, 500 + VAT
All training delivery includes certificates, course materials and learning resources.
This course can be delivered ‘in-house’ or at our Training Centre in Oldham, subject to availability. If using our training centre, free parking and refreshments throughout the day are included.