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ABLE (Attachment Based Long-term Engagement) Training – Secondary Age Children
Are you a professional working with young people? Do you have clients that are currently struggling with emotions and behaviours? This course examines the importance of attachment, and gives tips and skills on how professionals can tackle behavioural and emotional issues in young people where attachment has been damaged or is lacking.
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This course has been specifically designed for those working with teenagers demonstrating emotional difficulties and displaying challenging behaviour. Over two days, participants will engage in an interactive exploration of attachment theory, identifying their own attachment style and learning to recognise the attachment styles of young people, specifically those that have experienced trauma or loss. Participants will use this awareness to further explore the impact of disrupted attachment and abuse on relationships, behaviour, emotional well-being and mental health. Practical elements of the course include working with creative methods in order to bring about therapeutic relationships with young people, encourage the development of emotional regulation and positive behavioural strategies. There will be opportunities for personal reflection and exploration of the importance of self-care for those working in challenging environments.


Participants will leave this training having achieved the following:

  • Demonstrate ability to distinguish between ‘normal’ teenage development and behaviours associated with more deeply rooted problems.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of developmental, biological and neurological factors involved in emotional disturbance, particularly regarding disrupted attachment.
  • Demonstrate ability to recognise signs of disrupted attachment in teenagers and apply specific ways of working according to individual need.
  • Practise using creative tools and techniques to assist with developing healthier levels of emotional regulation, problem solving and emotional literacy in teenagers.
  • Demonstrate understanding of ‘self’ in relation to empathy, engagement and impact on others.

Participants will receive certificates of attendance, workbook containing summary learning points and personal reflections plus all relevant hand-outs and learning materials.


Cost of course *

£200 per head (based on 20 delegates) for a two day course including all learning resources and refreshments.

This course can be delivered in-house or off-site at our dedicated Oldham training centre.

Buffet lunch can be provided if accessed off-site at an additional cost of £4 per head


Sapphire Suite,

Earl Mill,

Dowry Street




*All costings and logistics are subject to discussion with our customer and agreement based on their needs.